Interior design for Blumlux boutique, high-end jewelry showroom, Blum Building, Indianapolis, US

Adaptive reuse of a former Indianapolis paint factory for retail and housing functions.

The interior design assumed adaptation of a three-storey building for a jewelry showroom and apartments for rent.

An exclusive jewelry boutique was created on the base floor of a renovated postindustrial building, a paint factory since 1890. The upper floors were used for apartments for rent. Thanks to investors and artists, the industrial quarter in Indianapolis is coming back to life.

The project called for interiors that were simultaneously rustic, industrial, modern and sensitive to the context of the place and its past.

The interior design is based on the unique feel of a „live” jeweler’s workshop. Old brick walls, exposed wooden ceilings, meticulously crafted window carpentry all posed a perfect base for modern details, that still retained a strong bond with the spirit of the place. The spacious interior is filled with individually designed cabinets, displaying the company’s wide range of products. The back rooms were set aside as the workshop of the owner, who is an active art jeweler. During the day the whole interior is filled with the sound of the jeweler’s tools, creating an ambiance of an open, living workshop. The studio is separated from the retail space with a half-transparent acrylic pipe division, evoking the days when the old paint mixing machines were in operation. The boutique also contains a small bar for the guests and a comfortable seating zone, where they can leisurely talk with the owner, choosing and ordering their perfect jewelry.

The upper storeys contain seven suites for rent. Every apartment is characterized by a slightly different style, while still drawing from the same industrial references. Therefore, one of the suites is equipped with custom-made washbasins resembling a paint funnel found in the former factory, while another boasts a beautiful staircase providing access to the spacious roof.