First Prize
at the international
“Lighthouse Interior” Competition

Salty sea water smells both artificial and realistic, like a memory, like a dream. I can smell it in the distance, as I walk on a cedar chip trail. Now I am on the beach, the salty air and mist of cold sea hit my face in a sudden gust of wind. I imagine a lighthouse in the middle of a stormy sea. A pure freedom. Salt and marine greenery all around. Pebbles. Salt on my skin. Damp sand. Vast, deep, wide, infinite, boundless water.

To transform lighthouses into tourism and accommodation facilities was an idea of making the most of their valuable location and proximity to the sea . Guests who experience this unique setting would want to keep the memory alive. Our idea – three products that encapsulate the mood of relax by a salty sea. A bathing salts floating pot, a lantern and a wash-basin – each laced with ceramic texture of crystalized salt and enclosed within a vertical form of a fishing float.